About Me, the teacher.


Claw Hands…

one of the hand moves.

So this isn’t me; I just love this picture!

So this isn’t me; I just love this picture!


It all started …

I first found Nia when I had just learned I would no longer be able to take care of patients as I had before. I had developed a shoulder condition that limited my range of motion and strength. I could no longer keep patients and myself safe at the same time.

I wandered into a local gym, looking for ways to distract myself, and hopefully gain some strength. There was a group class happening at that moment. I joined in, thinking, “well, you only live once.” It was an amazing experience. The music was different and engaging, the movement was exhilarating and conditioning. When the class was over, I wanted more.

I received the White Belt training in 2012, and taught my first class the next day. Never looking back, I have taken the Green, Blue and Brown Belt trainings as well. In 2019, I plan to take the Black Belt training.

Nia is more than a workout for the body; I have found a way of life.


In my past life…

In my past life I helped women take care of themselves, couples become families, and delivered their babies. I loved what I did, as my life’s purpose is to help people help themselves.


to leave the world a little better for my having had a part in it.